Microsoft details Windows 10 security, touts it as a 'worthy upgrade'

Windows 10 build 17074 bugs

Windows 10 build 17074 bugs

However, Microsoft released SCCM version 1710 back in November, which supports the new Windows 10 comanagement feature for devices and also supports Windows 10 update 1709 deployments. There is also new grammer tools that can break the words on the page into syllables, as well as highlight different parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

The "semiannual channel" version of Windows 10 update 1709, otherwise known as the "Fall Creators Update", is now in the "full availability" stage.

Microsoft's first Insider Build, launched in 2017, has been followed up by Windows 10 Insider Preview Build in the afternoon of Thursday, 11th of January, 2017.

Build 17074 also marks the start of international language pack distribution through the Microsoft Store app marketplace and using artificial intelligence to improve on how the operating system is delivered to international users.

"I'm happy to announce the Fall Creators Update (version 1709) is fully available for all compatible devices running Windows 10 worldwide". You can grant individual extensions permission to run in InPrivate, and Microsoft is working with developers to enable extensions more while InPrivate mode. Though they state that Edge never saves your CVV information, I am still not comfortable with this features and would not recommend it being used.

Quiet Hours also engages automatically when you are playing a full-screen game, or when you're duplicating your display (so that you won't be interrupted during a presentation). This build comes with major updates to Windows localisation and Microsoft Edge reading experience, much improved Quiet hours feature, improvements to Shell and Settings, several bug fixes and more.

Finally, users can also now pin books to the Start Menu and see a list of book recommendations if their library is completely empty. "We're pleased to announce that the Fall Creators Update was the fastest Windows 10 release to reach 100mn devices, all while achieving higher customer satisfaction ratings compared to prior updates", Cable added. Ganacharya explained that this is because older platforms do not have "built-in end-to-end stack defense", which is available on Windows 10.

It's a little hard to say what this means right now, but we may find out more in the future.

The executive stated that enterprises and small businesses, which can be majorly affected in case of a ransomware attack, can use Windows Defender Exploit Guard, Windows Defender Application Guard, Microsoft Exchange Online Protection, and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection to safeguard their data. These are certainly nifty added touches. Updates will stop arriving for the unsupported Windows 10 implementations, so that's perhaps a compelling factor for keeping the OS updated and monitoring when channel releases arrive.

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