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Nintendo Direct Mini Announces Switch's Upcoming Slate

Nintendo Direct Mini Announces Switch's Upcoming Slate

Personally, I'm liking the sound of all of the above. Since devs are always working to make Switch games function optimally docked or undocked, 60 fps is near impossible. Rankings, speed running and unlocks - it's cute and cuddly, but the community is going to be vicious.

Nintendo's got a bunch of new games coming to its wildly popular Switch console in 2018. This update will upgrade the anime-inspired classic with HD-quality visuals and a new epilogue.

Kirby Star Allies is a traditional Kirby adventure that'll be coming exclusively to the Switch.

In "Hyrule Warriors", you can play as a whopping 29 different characters from the "Zelda" universe, including Link and Zelda. But among news about Dark Souls, free Super Mario Odyssey DLC and a new Mario Tennis game on the Switch, the Nintendo Direct Mini confirmed that a remake of legendary Nintendo DS J-RPG The World Ends With You is en route, and that's literally all I care about. In handheld mode, it will be 720p and 30 fps.

Even if you've never played the delightful "Donkey Kong Country" series, it's easy to jump right in to "Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze".

Nintendo announced a new Mario Tennis game: Mario Tennis Aces. New content is coming to Super Mario Odyssey too!

The game adds a new story mode where you can fight bosses. Other players will then have to race to find these hidden balloons. A new mode was announced featuring Luigi called Balloon World. The user, Puertorock77, presumed that given that Greenberg didn't state that Xbox had won December, it means either the PS4 or Nintendo Switch won.

Donkey Kong will be joining the cast as a playable character. The game will support up to four players.

Payday 2 will release in Europe and Australia on February 23rd, and in North America and South America on February 27th. After a drought of tennis games, now we are treated with three all in one year! Donkey Kong is coming into the game's world, and with his inclusion comes a fresh piece of story.

Mario + Rabbids wont be DK's only appearance on the Switch this year.

The port of the co-op heist shooter is making its way in February.

Also highlighted were online shooter Payday 2, which will be out next month, and well regarded Japanese role-player Ys VIII.

PS4 and Xbox One fans will also be getting the game when it lands on 25 May.

Celeste is a difficult 2D side scroller that features over 300 levels to master. the title will feature an assist mode and feature numerous difficult trials for the platformer enthusiasts.

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