Intel warns Meltdown and Spectre patches could cause slowdowns

Intel and Microsoft have insisted that the performance impact of the Kernel Page Table Isolation fix for the recently-revealed Meltdown vulnerability will be much smaller than people feared.

Intel intends to release software and firmware patches for 90% of its CPUs launched in the past five years by January 15. The basis for this is something called volumetric video, which also captures depth or volume data in addition to pixels, thus giving you a much larger data set and new ways to manipulate it. These individual data points, called voxels, are being used to gain new perspectives in the field of VR.

The biggest news in cybersecurity last week was the discovery of the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities in modern computer processors.

The company's product can be found in millions of devices around the world, including smartphones and tablets.

He added that Intel will "commit to working with the industry"- meaning to share their hardware innovations to help other companies deal with these kinds of problems.

Microsoft gave a more pessimistic appraisal than Intel's initial assessments, particularly for servers that form the backbone of corporate networks. Krzanich said that the technology is still in its early stages but this will not be restricted to films as even TV and advertising can benefit from it.

Earlier today, Intel announced it discovered some performance hits after implementing its own mitigation solutions at the chip level. No data was released for older Intel processors as of yet.

Watching the order in which the plates land lets observers infer the data, he told Reuters during an interview on Wednesday at the tech industry's CES conference in Las Vegas. He further stated that Intel is in an exploratory partnership with Paramount Pictures, for future movies to be shot with this technology.

'Immersive media' will be the next big revolution according to Intel and will bring about big changes to spaces like retail, travel, medicine, film and live entertainment. We know that impact on performance varies widely, based on the specific workload, platform configuration and mitigation technique. They confirmed they were working closely with AMD, ARM Holdings and operating system vendors to resolve the issue.

If you receive an error that Powershell is missing, you'll have to do things the hard way and enter everything manually.

However, the suspension of the security patch rollout does not affect all Windows users.

CEO Brian Krzanich has promised more transparency from Intel in a seperate post, saying it would publicly disclose significant vulnerabilities and add funding for "academic and independent research into potential security threats", as well as consistent progress reports for all issued and forthcoming patches.

Who is impacted by Meltdown & Spectre? However, last week, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft said that the fixes they'd been applying so far weren't creating major device slowdowns.

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