IPhone Battery Explodes At Zurich Apple Store, One Injured: Reports

Replace iPhone Batteries For Free- US Senate Leader

Replace iPhone Batteries For Free- US Senate Leader

A man was injured when an iPhone battery overheated and the device exploded at an Apple Store in Zurich, leading to a temporary evacuation of those present on the premises.

A local Apple Genius (aka technician) in Zurich-based store suffered burns while working to remove the iPhone battery, making us recall the Samsung Galaxy Note7 fiasco.

The fire servicemen covered the battery with sand, allowing the smoke to be contained and then ventilated. Meanwhile, about 50 employees and customers were ushered out of the Apple Store.

Firefighters, several ambulances and an emergency vehicle attended the scene.

"At the same time, there was a slight build-up of smoke, which led to around 50 customers and employees having to leave the business temporarily". Six other people received medical care on site - presumably for smoke inhalation - but none required hospital treatment.

Forensic specialists are currently investigating the incident.

"The staff responded well and correctly", police said. According to the police statement, the staff handled the situation impeccably; they sprinkled quartz sand over the exploded phone to contain the harmful fumes exuded by the battery.

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