Warning of dire consequences, key allies blast Trump's Jerusalem announcement

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Israel deems Jerusalem its eternal and indivisible capital dating to antiquity, and its status is one of the thorniest barriers to a lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Jordan plays a central role in the mounting controversy and, alongside other U.S. allies in the region, has slammed Trump's decision on Jerusalem.

"What he does is he wants to give the perception of campaign promises filled", said Brinkley.

Palestinians watch a televised broadcast of Trump announcing US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in Jerusalem's Old City. It's a balancing act that recognizes Mideast tensions that could be tamed, with a two-state solution the best option. "No more false news - Jerusalem is Israel's capital", Norm Coleman, the RJC's national chairman and a former Minnesota senator, said in a statement.

"Trump is right: The world's refusal of 70 years to officially recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has been a stupid mistake", says a commentator in Yedioth Ahronoth. What's more, U.S. polls show a majority of voters don't favor Trump's idea, seeing it as disruptive and inflammatory.

In a statement, Prime Minister Theresa may said she "disagrees" with Trump's decision, whihc she called "unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace in the region". So did the UN Secretary-General, the prime minister of Italy and a global chorus of diplomats.

The First Infatida - meaning "tremor" in Arabic - lasted from December 1987 to 1993, claiming the lives of 277 Israelis and 1,962 Palestinians.

Its eastern sector was captured by Israel in a 1967 war and annexed in a move not recognized internationally. "The least we can do is to concentrate all our energies and to overcome our differences in order to protect Jerusalem and reject the new US decision". They are to be found all over the state of Israel and all over the territories. "We would to like to welcome an American ambassador in Jerusalem as soon as possible but it's an American decision", he said. Palestine was a Class A Mandate and the British expected it to become the independent state of Palestine around 1949. The regional powerhouse, which could help the White House push through a Middle East settlement, said Thursday the kingdom had already warned against this step and "continues to express its deep regret at the U.S. administration's decision", describing it "unjustified and irresponsible".

Mr Trump's Wednesday announcement upends decades of US policy.

However, Mrs May's spokesman welcomed Trump's stated wish to end the conflict and his acknowledgement that the final status of Jerusalem, including boundaries within the city, must be subject to negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.

Israeli security forces are on high alert amid fears protests against Trump's decision, which Hamas said "opened the gates of hell", could erupt into violence.

Regardless of the consequence of the latest crisis, our Jewish brothers should make a move to remove these provocative moves, which exploit the sensitivities of the three great religions, from the agenda. President Obama, for all his hope, for all his support from journalists and common-sense analysts, left the Palestinians in the worst bargaining position they've ever had; not because of his policies regarding negotiations, but because of his general strategy in Middle East. After the Iran Deal and the Syrian civil war, the hardening of the Sunni states against Iranian hegemony has left the Palestinians with few allies and a hostile and restless region with bigger fish to fry; a region coming off a civil war which has created a refugee problem that deflection to Israel can't solve. "I would have preferred he take the existing consulate or another government-owned building, put a sign on it and say this is the embassy, immediately".

"We have been following, with concern, the reports about the possibility of changing how the United States understands and deals with the status of Jerusalem". They feel abandoned not only by America but by the Arab world and even by their own leaders. He noted that already a gathering of Arab foreign ministers has been organized for Dec. 11 as well as a meeting prepared by Turkey for Muslim countries. "Any move is significant and the world is right to regard it as a serious step". Sorry for the error.

Trump insisted he was not trying to derail a peace agreement between Israel and Palestinians.

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