Qualcomm Is Suing Apple For The iPhone X

Qualcomm looks to ban iPhone X and iPhone 8 with new lawsuit

Qualcomm looks to ban iPhone X and iPhone 8 with new lawsuit

In all, Qualcomm has filed three lawsuits alleging that Apple has infringed upon 16 Qualcomm patents in several Iphone models including iPhone 7, 8, and the newly launched Iphone X.

The iPhone maker's accusation that Qualcomm is behaving like a patent troll - a company that hoards intellectual property without making any real products, generating most of its money from lawsuits - marks a new low in the pair's relationship.

Apple upped the ante in its legal feud with Qualcomm over patent royalties on Wednesday by accusing the San Diego company of infringing on eight Apple patents related to extending battery life in smartphones. One patent describes technology used to reduce power consumption in mobile chips such as Apple's A10 Fusion processor that powers the iPhone 7 models, and a different one also targets the same chip, focusing on the SRAM memory unit logic. If Qualcomm were to win, a victory might cause the company to take further action against Apple with other agencies around the world - which we have already seen a similar call for iPhone X bans in China. Qualcomm General Counsel Don Rosenberg noted, "You can't react that quickly to file lawsuits". Oh yeah, Qualcomm is also seeking unspecified damages and court costs. The complaint was particularly limited to devices using Intel modems instead of those built by Qualcomm and its sub-contractors. Qualcomm's fresh lawsuits came just hours after the iPhone maker filed yet another suit against the chipmaker. The Cupertino company said its patents in question ensure that the processor uses only minimal power and turns off the parts that are not needed to save battery.

Almost a year ago, Apple filed a $1 billion suit against Qualcomm and proceeded to cut off royalty payments while encouraging its suppliers to do the same. Today, Qualcomm sued Apple, claiming that the latter was rifling through the closet where Qualcomm keeps its intellectual property. The iPhone X is Apple's most expensive smartphone ever, and is the most sought-faster product this holiday shopping season.

According to Rosenblatt Securities analysts, the iPhone X sold in record numbers during the Black Friday shopping weekend.

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