Star Wars: Battlefront II's Major Last Jedi Connection

Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II

Running on DICE's frighteningly beautiful Frostbite engine, it's one of the most graphical accomplished games we've seen running on current-gen tech.

Coming into contact with Luke Skywalker himself, the Jedi has been guided by the Force to the vault, where he finds a compass with a star map.

And reddit isn't happy about it. At all. In the scenario just below, the Rebel fighters are tasked with destroying several Imperial ships, going back and forth across the map. Some other major characters like Princess Leaia were 40,000 credits.

According to Reddit's own statistics the previous most unpopular post had a score of -24,333 and that was a message which asked people to downvote it.

Wilde was also slightly tripped up by the progression system, which is "interlocked" with premium currency you have to buy, and that the best heroes take too much trouble to unlock. Hats off to actress Janina Gavankar for making a 'villain' likeable for all the right reasons.

That compass leads him to something very important on Ahch-To.

Blizzard highlighted the fact that StarCraft 2 doesn't require you to earn the Wings of Liberty campaign.

I know EA is a business, and they are there to make money.

Shivansh Please allow me a moment to pull up your account. This is just at the time of writing, and likely to increase further.

Star Wars fans have reacted with anger after it emerged that they'll have to spend quite a bit of time playing Star Wars: Battlefront II if they want to unlock some of the classic characters from the iconic franchise without paying for them. You can do this by pressing X/Square while hovering over any type of space ship before the match begins.

Specifically, Wasilczyk said DICE is aware of the feedback that it takes too long to unlock heroes like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

From the moment the Battlefront II beta began, players expressed concern that the game was leaning far too openly into a pay-to-win model, offering substantial combat buffs to anyone that spent real money on loot boxes. Stay tuned to our social channels for more info on the AMA, and our blog for continual updates on what we're seeing, hearing and adjusting in the game. It's an authenticity that trumps even the sheen and shine of the first game, offering up a game that's as immersive and enchanting to inhabit as the films that ultimately inspire it and every corner.

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