IPhone X Affected by Buzzing Sound From Earpiece Speaker, Some Users Report

iPhone X review: Apple takes smart phone to whole new level

iPhone X review: Apple takes smart phone to whole new level

Shortly after the release of the iPhone X, phone owners reported technical difficulties caused by cold weather. They removed the home button at the bottom and, if you'll recall, that was pretty much the go-to button for numerous actions that you would perform with your phone, including taking a screen cap. Why am I talking about next year's iPhones, when most people haven't had the opportunity to set eyes on the flashy $1579 iPhone X that just came out?

Unlike previous iPhone launches that layered in new features while keeping the nuts and bolts of the iPhone intact, the iPhone X is a potential game-changer. Unfortunately for some iPhone X users, the green line across the display is quite thick and it is not disappearing by its own.

Restarting the phone or even restoring the device fully does not seem to remove the green line that typically runs along the side of the display.

Separately, some other iPhone X users have reported that the phone's earpiece speaker is giving off a crackling or buzzing sound, according a report by 9to5Mac.

The one thing this report doesn't mention though is what Apple plans to do with the iPhone SE.

Once again, if you've spent a whole load of money on this phone and have any of these issues, you should get in touch with Apple for an exchange or fix.

"According to a few reports floating around today, KGI Securities sent out a research note claiming that the third mystery iPhone model that we pointed to in August may turn out to be a 6.1" iPhone with an LCD display. "EXCEPT the Horrendous sound Quality/Speaker issues - Crackling/Sound with WAY too much Treble".

One of the defining features of iPhone X is its design.

Considering the fact that the iPhone X has a glass cover on both the back and the front, it's a slippery device and has a high chance of slipping out of the hand. All of them are going to sport a high screen-to-body ratio and there is also going to be an LCD model included.

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