Local donations on their way to Puerto Rico

Local donations on their way to Puerto Rico

Local donations on their way to Puerto Rico

It's now owned mostly by hedge funds, which bought the debt at a discount in hopes of making a profit.

President Donald Trump's budget chief said not to take literally the president's suggestion that Puerto Rico's debt would be "wiped out", even as the territory's bonds plunged to a record low on Wednesday: as low as 32 cents on the dollar. Only 10.7pc of the island's cell phone towers are working.

"Over 5,000 pounds of food, canned food", Candelario says. "That doesn't include all the other items that we have donated, toothbrushes, hygiene products, backpacks, school supplies".

"We are going to be seeing all of the first responders, the military, FEMA, and frankly, most importantly, we are going to be seeing the people of Puerto Rico", Trump said in the Oval Office. Roughly a third of Puerto Rican tax revenue had been going to cover its debt. "That the folks that live in Puerto Rico, are American citizens", said Mayor Byron Brown. They are our neighbors. The stocks were already struggling amid fears that Puerto Rico will have a difficult time repaying its debt following the damage it took from Hurricane Maria.

Setser said the oversight board is likely to approve revisions that would zero out Puerto Rico's debt service over at least the next year.

"We need donations, people". She bursts out into unhappy laughter when we ask about the condition of her house. We need the checks. "Okay, we might stop here Friday, but we'll be taking items somewhere else". "To me, it's almost like we've lost our sense of what is purely outrageous coming from this president anymore". Previously, he was a campaign specialist and media spokesperson for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. You remember Georges. I know. "I was there also, doing the same thing we're doing today".

Hurricane George in 1998 wreaked major damages on Puerto Rico, as it also stormed the length of the island, with wind and water causing billions of dollars in damage and needing rebuilding help from this area and many others.

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