Hillary Clinton puts Ivanka Trump on notice for sticking by her father

Gabby KaufmanReporterYahoo News

Gabby KaufmanReporterYahoo News

Comey's firing came as he was investigating Trump's possible role in suspected Russian tampering with the election.

After Ms Clinton's defeat, the magazine instead ran on the front cover of its November 21, 2016 edition, an image showing a red brick barrier called The Wall, by artist Bob Staake.

But Trump won the Electoral College, an organization of 538 members who choose the President based on the favorable vote in each state to assert the fact that an individual who receives most votes nationally doesn't undoubtedly win the election.

The US President started the late-night Twitter tirade, taking a break from numerous natural disasters plaguing the US right now apart from a rift in his own party.

While Hillary Clinton's the big name on the London Literature Festival ticket, Tom Hanks, Philip Pullman and Annie Leibovitz will also be discussing their lives and novels.

The news was quickly leaked, and Comey only announced that no new relevant information had been turned up on Nov. 6, two days before the election.

While speaking to CNN, she said, "I think it needs to be eliminated".

A few celebrities couldn't miss out of the opportunity to give Clinton some credit where it was due either.

"Oh, I don't buy that at all", Clinton responded. She told Trump via Twitter that if he didn't like her new book, perhaps he should read her other literary work, "It Takes a Village" - which by the way, is a picture book for children.

As for Putin, Clinton writes that he had a "personal vendetta against me and deep resentment toward the United States". "I didn't know what to think about it, because I knew there was nothing there".

"I respect the fact that he is the president".

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