Qualcomm's takes a subtle shot at Apple, gets its facts wrong

According to the website technobuffalo, the telecommunications and designer company Qualcomm published a blog post throwing "some major shade" at Apple, by outlining a handful of Android functions that "pave the way for others to come", including iris authentication and facial recognition, OLED screen display and fast charging.

iPhone copying AndroidAlthough Qualcomm stops short of out-rightly accusing Apple of copying Android phones, the company does hint that the features in the new iPhones are all borrowed from high-end Android phones.

In order to retain some part of the current licensing fees system, Qualcomm has sued Apple back in several domestic and international courts, going so far as to (unrealistically) seek various iPhone sales bans.

Qualcomm is definitely correct, as certain Android smartphones have introduced new technologies with its help in the past and have later been used on iPhones.

But if you want Gigabit LTE now, Qualcomm suggests getting a Samsung Galaxy S8. Meanwhile, we've been inventing foundational technologies for Gigabit LTE for well over a decade.

Apple has officially unveiled its new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and the conversation on whether the new gadgets are better than Android-and vice versa-is heating up.

Qualcomm points out that the first bezel-less design came in Xiaomi's 2016 Mi Mix, which has since been taken up widely in the industry. A new Pixel phone from Google will be launched in forthcoming weeks, The Wall Street Journal reported.

As for augmented reality, Qualcomm points to Lenovo's Phab Pro 2, which supported Google's Tango platform, as a first. A platform like Android that can't even get the basics of sending out OS updates to most of their customers in a timely manner is as backwards as it gets.

The company lists plenty of manufacturers that it has worked closely.

Chances are that tonight (India time) when Apple launches the iPhone X, it will again follow a lead set by many Android phones, and in particular Samsung galaxy phones, but it will probably do in a way that may make the iPhone X unique, despite it coming with technologies that we have already seen in other phones. On the other hand, Android did a better job at time keeping, cameras and photo storage, keyboard, app organization, active notifications, mail, maps and contact navigation.

Others see the new iPhones as Apple's cash cow. The Note 8 is a stunning phone and Note lovers are sure to appreciate the S Pen functionality, dual camera performance, and more.

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