Google updates the camera app with Selfie flash feature

Krales  The Verge

Krales The Verge

Also, the update would be available in selected regions. Since most smartphones don't have a flash built in to the front-facing shooter, Google Camera mitigates this by adding a manila-toned slab right as your selfie is taken, which is supposed to help produce a little extra light in dimmer settings. The goal is to brighten your selfie with a warm color rather than cold flash of bright white, though it doesn't seem to have automatic white-balancing like the iPhone's camera. Before this existed, you had to use the zoom bar.

A new modified version of the Google Camera APK now allows almost every flagship smartphone to leverage the HDR+ technology.

It's not perfect, mind you. A Ukrainian app developer has found a way to port that software to any device that uses a Hexagon 680 digital signal processor, so users can take their own HDR+ pictures without the Google Pixel.

The new update also brings few more shortcut gestures, such as double tap to zoom, swipe to toggle between taking photos and shooting videos. It's not going to be bright enough to replace the real thing, but it's so much better than smiling at the dark. A single tap usually changes the focus to that area but if you tap twice in quick succession, the camera app will zoom up to 50% instantly. Double tap to automatically zoom in and back out. While doing so, they found references to Muskie (a rumored Pixel device that appears to have been shelved) Pixel XL2, which leads them to suspect that the modifications are tricking the app into thinking that it's running on the Google Pixel's successor. The usual security disclaimers apply.

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