Turnbull meets with defence heads for briefings on North Korea

Australia Ready to Back US, Will Join Any Conflict with North Korea

Australia Ready to Back US, Will Join Any Conflict with North Korea

Turnbull's comments on Wednesday come after North Korea said it is examining its operational plans for attacking Guam to contain U.S. bases there.

"So let's be very clear about that". No follow-up ensued that could be described as action under the treaty itself.

"We will further increase the might of justice to wipe out the source of all injustice and evils, now that the gangster-like acts of the US have reached their height and clearly show what miserable and wretched fate those standing in the way of the DPRK will have to face".

"And we have an ANZUS agreement and if there is an attack on Australia or the United States then ... each of us will come to the other's aid".

Guam's Homeland Security Adviser George Charfauros says officials there are confident "the U.S. Department of Defense is monitoring this situation very closely and is maintaining a condition of readiness".

Nor has ANZUS or the wider American alliance meant the US automatically supports Australia. If Australia is attacked, America will come to our aid.

The President also says the nation's nuclear arsenal is in "in tiptop shape" and getting stronger.

In The Washington Post report that confirmed North Korea's possession of nuclear capabilities, it is estimated that North Korea has been testing 20-30 kiloton weapons.

'I think that's too hypothetical right now, ' he said. Last month, North Korea demonstrated that it can launch ICBMs that have the range to reach northern Australia, according to experts' assessments.

"America stands by its allies, including Australia of course, and we stand by the United States", Mr Turnbull told 3AW.

The judgement, White argues, would depend on the particular circumstances.

No-one should make light of the risks involved of a conflagration on the Korean Peninsula, which remains potentially the epicentre of the world's most-destructive conflict.

Prime Minister Turnbull offered his sympathy for the Osprey incident off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

Foreign minister Julie Bishop had been more circumspect. For perspective, that's roughly the distance from Perth to Brisbane.

Bishop carefully kept options open. "That's the preferred way to deal with it", he said.

In comments made via state media, Mr Kim said Mr Trump was "extremely getting on the nerves" of his soldiers by making comments showing his "senility" again.

She said Australia was not a party to the ceasefire that ended the Korean war in 1953, and, "as far as the Anzus alliance is concerned, that is an obligation to consult".

President Trump says he's planning to add billions of dollars to the nation's antimissile programs.

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