US hits hard on Venezuela — Nicolas Maduro

Diego Maradona vows to fight for Venezuela leader Nicolas Maduro: 'When he gives the order I'm ready'

Diego Maradona vows to fight for Venezuela leader Nicolas Maduro: 'When he gives the order I'm ready'

Many in the U.S. and Venezuela do not believe Maduro does not want a civil war, as he claims.

The opposition coalition, while urging more demonstrations, has agreed to field candidates in overdue regional elections set for December 10.

The South American country does not grow much food domestically and this can be risky but seems to be worth it to the protesters.

The 545-member body elected last week amid international condemnation took the vote in the building of the opposition-controlled National Assembly in Caracas.

Nevertheless, Maduro still has varying degrees of support around the world, from both an ideological and financial standpoint.

- Carmen Teresa Melendez Rivas, who is responsible for coordinating the street government command for the Constituent Command Zamora 200.

"No one and nobody has the moral authority to judge Venezuela".

A pro-Maduro assembly could rewrite Venezuela's constitution.

In addition, Luna expressed the group's "support for and solidarity with Attorney General Luis Ortega Diaz and the officials of the Venezuelan Public Ministry" who were fired by the Constituent Assembly.

A statement from Mr. Guterres' spokesman said the UN chief is closely following events in the country and is convinced the crisis cannot be solved through the imposition of unilateral measures, but requires a political solution based on dialogue and compromise. Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona has declared he is willing to fight for the embattled leftist regime.

Department spokeswoman Heather Nauer issued a series of tweets on Venezuela Tuesday.

"What has happened in Venezuela with the establishment of the Constitutional Assembly is a definite break with what we've seen up until now".

"The Constituent Assembly got off on the right foot", Maduro said on Sunday. Maduro has said the body, which will sit for at least two years with no dissenting voices, will strip legal immunity from the national assembly that has opposed him.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has condemned the use of extensive force and detention of anti-government protestors.

Spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani says preliminary findings suggest there are "no signs" that the situation was improving.

Opposition lawmaker Delsa Solorzano says the purpose of the truth commission is to "persecute those who think differently".

The rights office team said Tuesday that violations included "house raids, torture and ill-treatment of those detained in connection with the protests".

The move got the blessing of regional leaders yesterday at a special emergency meeting via a video conference convened Dr Mitchell.

The latest naked act of defiance comes on the heels of the April naked protest by Hans Wuerich Larios, 27, who had clambered onto the hood of an armored vehicle of the National Bolivarian Police force.

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